Server Update: You can now rejoin tables!

Playing a game

This section outlines how to play the Irish card game 25 online.


Register & Login

Users can register an account by signing up with a email address and password.

Users can login to their account by entering their email address and password.

If you cannot remember your password, click the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen.

User Profile

Only registered users can have a profile. A user's profile is created upon registration with the site.

A user's profile contains various statistics about the user as well as any badges that user has earned.

The "My Profile" section can be found by clicking on the user's name in the top right corner of this site once logged in.

The public profile of a user can also be seen by clicking on the user's image during a game.

Users can edit their profile by selecting the "Edit Profile" button from the profile screen.

Users can import a new profile picture by connecting to social media from the "Edit Profile" section.

Experience, Levels & Badges

Users gain experience by participating in games against other players. The more successful a user is in a game the more experience the user will earn.

Levels are earned by reaching experience milestones. Current level progress can be found in a user's profile.

A user's level is denoted by the icon.

Badges are signs of accomplishments that can be shown on a user's profile page.

Each badge has a particular set of requirements in order to obtain and include an experience boost.


Tables are virtual rooms that groups up to 8 players together in the same game.

Joining a Table

Users can join a table from the table browser screen which will display all tables created on the server. Each table will show the table name, the amount of players that have joined the table, the max capacity of the table and the number of rounds to win a game.

To join a table, simply click the join button in the Actions menu.

Note: Some user created tables may require a password to join - denoted by a

Creating a Table

Users can create tables to create games with their own paramaters. Click the "create table" button on the tables screen to start creating a table.

When creating a table, users can give the table a name, a password and can specify the max amount of players allowed in the table as well as the number of rounds needed to win a game.

Users can now choose to play 45's. Just select "45" from the Game Mode dropdown when creating a table. What is 45's?

To create a public table (one which any user can join) leave the password field blank.

Once a table is created the user is automatically placed in the table.

Note: User created tables are automatically deleted if there are no players left at the table.


Each table hosts a game of 25. Games will continue as long as at least two people are seated at the table and ready.

There must be at least two people sitting at a table and ready for a game to start.

A countdown will start if two people are ready at a table and other players are yet to choose a seat or spectate. When the countdown reaches 0, any players who have not sat at the table or selected to spectate will be automatically set to spectate and the game will begin.

Joining a Game

After joining a game from the table browser, the user will be displayed with the table view. This view displays details of all players currently sitting at the table.

The user will then have the option to choose a seat or spectate the match.

Note: If joining a table when a game is already in progress you will be automatically set to spectate that game.

Spectating a Game

To spectate a game click the spectate button at the top of the table view.

Spectators of a game will not be given any cards but will be able to see all cards played on the table (including trumps). Spectators can chat with in-game players and other spectators using the chat option.

When a player leaves a Game

Players may leave a game for a variety of reasons even unintentional (network disconnects). Due to the unpredictability of online games it is important to capture these events and handle them appropriately.

If the player that leaves a game was spectating, gameplay continues as normal and a message in the log indicates which player left.

If the player that leaves a game was a participant, gameplay reverts back to the status of the previous round. A new hand is dealt to each player and any scores achieved in the round are voided. This is to ensure fair balanced play.

Note: If there is less than 2 people in a game, the game will end. The game will be restarted when at least 2 people are ready to play and any other players have selected to spectate or timeout.

Player Turn Timeout

Players have a limited amount of time to complete their turn (play a card).

When the player runs out of time, the player will be dropped from the game and set to spectate. This is to ensure games run smoothly and are not held up by players who are not actively playing the game.

Game Events

Playing a Card

To play a card simply click/touch the card you want to play.

Be sure to understand the rules - see following suit.

If you are unable to play a card a message will pop up explaining why. You will need to play another card that is in your hand.

How to pick up Trumps

The trump card can be picked up before you play your first card - see Trump card and robbing with the ace.

A pop-up window will display notifying you that you can pick up the trump card. After clicking ok, select one of the cards in your hand to put down and be replaced with the trump card.

Alternatively, you can keep your current hand and not pick up the trump card by clicking the Cancel button.

You can then select a card to place on the table.

The Game Log

The game log displays all the events of a game.

Be sure to check this log for any important messages!

The Chat Log

The chat log allows players and spectators at the same table chat to each other.

To send a mesage to everyone at the table simply type your message in the box and click send.

Game Modes


45's is an alternative version of the rules of 25.

The goal of the game is to reach 45 points instead of 25 points.

Like 25, each player is dealt 5 cards, after each player plays a card the highest scoring card wins (a lift) and receives 5 points.

However, when each player has played all of their 5 cards, the player who played the highest trump in the round receives an extra 5 points.

Team Mode (Coming Soon!)

Team mode allows teams of up to 3 players to compete against other teams to win the game.

The score of each player in a team is combined to create a team score.

The first team to reach the target score, wins the round.

The Cards

Card Values

Numerical Cards

Numerical cards (1-10) are ranked in ascending order for the Hearts () and Diamonds () suits and ranked in descending order for the Clubs () and Spades () suits - see table below.

Note: The value of an Ace is 1, except the Ace of Hearts which is always a trump.


Highest in red (Hearts / Diamonds)

Lowest in black (Clubs / Spades)

Non Trump Face Cards

These cards are ranked in descending order for all suits with King being the highest followed by the Queen and finally the Jack or Naive.

Trump Card

After the dealer finishes dealing cards to each player s/he turns the next card and places it face up on top of the deck. This card is known as the trump card. This card is very important and determines the potential strength of a player's hand.

Trump Cards

All cards that are of the same suit as the trump (known as trump cards) will beat all cards from all other suits. Except for the Ace of Hearts.

Note: 5 of trumps becomes the best card and cannot be beaten, followed by the Jack/Naive of trumps, the Ace of Hearts is always the 3rd best card in any game. The Ace of trumps is the next best card followed by King and Queen of trumps. The numerical trump cards rankings are the same as usual (highest in red, lowest in black) see table below.


Any trump card will beat a non-trump card.

In a trump vs trump situation standard rankings apply except for the 5, Jack, Ace of Hearts and Ace of trumps (see note above).

Following Suit

Suite Card

The first card played in each lift sets the suit card and can only be beaten by a higher value card of that suit (suit cards) or a trump card.

Any card can be played first to set the suit. You must play a suit card (a card of the same suit as the first card played in each lift) if you have it. A trump card can also be played and will beat any suit card. If you do not have a suit card (and do not want to play a trump card), you may play a card from any other suit, however it will not beat the suit card.


If a trump card is played first, you must play a trump card if you have it with the following exceptions:


  • The 5, the Jack and the Ace of Hearts can be held back (reneged) if any lower trump card leads.

  • If the Ace of Hearts is played first, you must play a trump card (if you have one) but can hold the Jack of trumps and/or the 5 of trumps.

  • If the Jack of trumps is played first, you must play a trump card (if you have one), including the Ace of Hearts but can renege the 5 of trumps.

  • If the 5 of trumps is played first, you must play a trump card if you have it.

Game Flow

The Deal

The dealer will give each player 5 cards in two sets. Firstly s/he will give each player (starting to the dealers left) 3 cards followed by a set of 2 cards in a clockwise rotation.

The dealer will then deal the next card and place it face up on the deck - the trump card.

Robbing with the Ace

A player who has the Ace of trumps may (on their turn to play their first card) take up the trump card by replacing it with a card of lesser value.

Note: If the dealer turns an Ace as a trump card s/he must take up that card before the game starts as per the above procedure.


The player to the dealer's left starts the play and it continues clockwise until each player has played one card. The player with the best value card wins the lift and receives 5 points.

The winning player then resumes the game by playing a card and so on...

The first player to score 25 (5 lifts) wins the round.

To win a game you must win the number of rounds specified in the table that was created.

The number of rounds in a game depends on the table.


One round of cards from all the players with the best value card played is the winner = score of 5

Card Rankings

Trump Suit

Hearts:  5 J A K Q 10 9 8 7 6 4 3 2
Clubs:  5 J A A K Q 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Diamonds:  5 J A A K Q 10 9 8 7 6 4 3 2
Spades  5 J A A K Q 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Non-Trump Suit

Hearts:  K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
Clubs:  K Q J A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Diamonds:  K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2A
Spades  K Q J A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10